Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just an accident.

June 28th, 2011, 4:30 P.M.: I'm at Disney's California Adventure with Jenn Jamgochian, Stephanie Smith, & Nathan Large. I get a call from my Momma saying that Sam's been in an accident at scout camp and he's hit his head. He's on his way to the hospital in Fresno and she's about to head up there too, but not to worry cause everything is alright.
I'm a little worried, scared a little. But, like my mom said, everything is going to be alright.

Same day, 6:55 P.M.: I'm now in Disneyland. Jenn & Steph are at Club 33 so it's just me and Nathan now wandering around Fantasyland. James calls me. He says that Marshall, Whitney, & him are all driving up to Fresno to be with Sam. I ask him for more information but he doesn't know anymore than I do.

8:26 P.M.: Nick calls. He's just wondering if I'm coming home tonight or if I'm sleeping at Grani's since I've got school in the morning. I'm sleeping at Grani's. He says that he's at home with Timmy. Still no more updates.

About half an hour later: Amanda calls. Finally some more details! But not so good. Sam's been airlifted to the hospital. His heart and breathing were stopped for 10 whole minutes. I almost passed out right there in the middle of the Space Mountain gift store. Last she heard though things were going good, they got his heart going and he was breathing again. Everything's going to be alright.

Around 2 am, Wednesday: We're finally back in Santa Clarita after a great day of fun and adventure. I'm only slightly worried about Sam, I know everything's going to be OK. How could it not be? Nothing bad every happens to our family. We just get scrapes and bruises then move on back to our normal lives. The really tragic things only happen to other people. I figure Sam's just had a concussion and maybe a little brain damage like what happened to Justin Wilson after his golfing accident and, just like with Justin, we'll all have a good laugh about it later.
But I call my mom while on my way to Grani's just to touch base, maybe FINALLY find out everything that's going on, in full detail. She sounds busy though and tells me to call her again when I get to Grani's house. I'm kinda starting to freak out now. I know it's 3 in the morning in Utah but I give Brooks a call cause I just really need to tell him what's going on. (He sounds like a zombie when he answers the phone...hehehe:])

About 2:30: I get to Grani's and bring in all my junk from the day and what I'll need for school tomorrow. Aunt Janet's there so I say "Hi" and go put my things in Grani's bedroom then sit on the bed and call my mother again.
She doesn't sound good and seems to be struggling for words. So I make it easy and say that I know about Sam, that Manda told me that his heart and his breathing stopped for 10 minutes. Mom asked me what else I knew, I told her that was it but that he's OK now. Right? How's he doing?

"Jess. He's gone. Sam's gone."

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