Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A good thing?

Tomorrow my family (consisting of my father & mother, Nicholas, Jack Ryan, & Timothy) is going to visit Camp Whitsett, the scout camp Samuel was at when he died. I didn't want to go and wasn't planning on going, but my daddy says he wants me to go and he think's it'll be a good thing. I hope so. It sounds awful. I think it's way too soon, for myself at least, to be visiting there. I don't think I'm strong enough yet. Just driving in my car through Acton and remembering all the adventures Sam & I went on, whether on purpose or accidentally, brings me to tears.
I've only been to Camp Whitsett once before when, at the end of scout camp one year when I was a kid, Dad came home and brought Sam, Jack, and I back to camp with him for the final night. It was a lot of fun and Whitsett has always been the place of fond memories and fun stories. Until now. And I really think I'd be fine if I never had to go there again.
But my dad wants me to so I'll go and keep my fingers crossed.

Wish me luck.

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