Thursday, June 16, 2011

Busyness is good.

I get home from school, the cute clothes come off, the jeans & t-shirt go on, the hair goes up and I hit the books.
Right now I'm sitting at my desk wearing leggings and an over-sized t-shirt, my hair a frizzy mess. Sexy? No. Cute? Sure. (I'm always cute ;]) Mid-terms are next week and I have all my notes from the past 2 weeks of class spread all over the place. Creating a historical timeline of the European spiritual reformation is a lot easier said than done. European history is complicated enough without all this craziness happening all over the place. And we're blowing through it all in class since there's only 5 weeks to get through everything, so basically I'm learning and memorizing it all on my own. No biggy though, I'm used to hard work. And I love being busy and having something to focus on.
I am feeling a bit crammed though. 1) I have a talk to write for this Sunday, about fathers and how things they do teach us of our Heavenly Father. 2) I have a presentation to prepare for Tuesday's Western Civ. class. 3) And on Wednesday I'm leading a discussion. 4) MIDTERMS.
So maybe you're wondering WHY, if I have so much to prepare for, I'm using precious study time to update my blog. Well that's easy. Writing clears my head. And I've got so much bouncing around in there right now that, in order to be able concentrate, I have to get it all out somehow. Writing is how I do that. It sooths me.

Ta ta for now.

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