Friday, September 24, 2010

Sunflowers blooming

Even in Southern California, the supposed land of endless Summer, there is still a mourning of this beloved season. Unlike what most people think, California does have seasons. So as we say farewell to the season of sweltering heat and unbroken sunshine we say hello to the season of warmth, wind, and the occasional rainy day. Therefore, in loving memory of the wonderful time called Summer...
Summer is over.
Goodbye to fun-filled youth camps and activities.
Goodbye impulsive beach trips.
Goodbye to the freedom to go anywhere and do anything.
Goodbye family vacations.
Goodbye water fights at the park and having 7 popsicle's in one day.
Goodbye sun-tanning on the trampoline with sunglasses and a good book.
Goodbye to all my friends who've gone off to college and left me behind.
Goodbye to sunflowers blooming in our garden and roses in our flowerbeds.
Goodbye to pregnant cats and rowdy kittens.
Goodbye to nights where it's too hot to even sleep with the sheet on.
Goodbye sleeping in.
Goodbye pool parties.
Goodbye hot lifeguards and awesome tan lines.
Goodbye to tar toes.
Goodbye to ill-worn bikinis and speedos by those who shouldn't even be allowed to walk on the beach anymore.
Goodbye staying up till midnight and not knowing any side-effects.
Goodbye to bruising legs by rocks being thrown at them in the waves.
Goodbye sunrises at 6:00am and sunsets at 9:30pm.
Goodbye beautifully green trees.
Goodbye to picking strawberries in Grani's backyard.
Goodbye Summer, and farewell. I shall miss your warm embrace. Until we meet again, adieu.

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