Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm sure he felt honored.

One year ago today I was in Athens, Greece. We had a party at the Hard Rock Cafe the night before to say farewell to those in our group who were leaving in the morning.
Morgan and I were in our hotel room packing our things as we prepared to head out on a week-long cruise in the Mediterranean Sea, when we heard Kei coming up the stairs yelling "Michael Jackson's dead guys! He's dead! The King of Pop is dead!" We then went into the next room over to see what all the big deal was and there was Kei, looking all distraught, with all of us smiling and asking what in the heck she was talking about.
"He's dead. He died this morning." Kei then turned on the TV so we could watch the news about his death in Greek. It was very informative. She then said "I'm going to sing a song in memory of the great Michael Jackson," Then proceeded to climb on the table while singing Billie Jean! It was quite amusing.
During this performance Kei almost fell off the table, hit her head on the TV, and bang her leg. All for Michael Jackson. I'm sure he felt honored.
The rest of our group didn't really seem to care about, in Kei's opinion, the tragic death of such a wonderful person, and Jen, much to Kei's distress, was even happy(!!) about the event!
The rest of the day continued pretty much as normal, with Kei's occasional random outbursts of: "He's dead guys!" It was a day to remember...

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