Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who the heck calls Celtics "Seltics"??

I know I've already done two post today but I'm just so excited I can't hold it in. The Los Angeles Lakers, MY LAKERS (!!!), just won the playoffs against the Boston Celtics for the second time in a row! Yeah Lakers! You rock! A few thoughts about the game and such...

+I think it's funny how anyone who's not from California just despise the Lakers. On Facebook after the win I saw one of my friends status and a few comments underneath about the Lakers and the game: "Spencer Goodrich.. hates the Los Angeles Lakers with a deep filthy passion that can only be rivaled by something truly evil possibly out of the eternal pits of hell!!!! Ah hem. So pretty much I really don't like all :P"
And this was a comment made: "What the Hell is a Laker anyways? Something that came out of a Lake? So what are they, Ted Kennedy’s girlfriend?"
It just amuses me that they have to sink so low as to criticize the name in order to find something bad to say about them. But if we're going to be playing that game then I just wouldn't mind saying..who the heck calls Celtics "Seltics"?? Where did they learn to speak? haha, Sorry, low blow. But if that's how you're going to play...

+Kobe's my hero

+That had to be the most intense game I have seen in a looong time. All the way into the third quarter the Lakers were losing but finally, with a half an hour left, they pulled ahead! Right up to the end of the game they stayed neck to neck. Each second was a killer, wondering if somehow the Celtics might score. But they didn't! And we won! Even if just barely. What an awesome game to end the playoffs with.

+Peace. Don't be haters just cause we're the best.

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