Friday, December 23, 2016

Bruce Tuolumne // six months old

Dear Bruce,

Happy half-birthday! 

At 12:23 am on this, the 23rd day of the 12th month, you turned six months old! I suppose your half-birthday will always be extra-special because the date is the same as the time when you were born. When I went into labor with you, your dad and I thought it would be so fun if you were born on our anniversary, but you decided to wait until just after midnight in order to have your own special day. Of course, we don't mind. We're happy you're here, and the more days to celebrate the better! 

Bruce, your sixth month has been so so so so fun! You're still waking up a million times each night, but we're working on that and it's getting better. You've stretched your sleeping times from one hour to two and a half, or sometimes three hours at a time. It's a Christmas miracle! What a difference that extra hour makes. But I'm going to stop writing about it because I don't want to jinx anything. 

We finally moved you out of your bassinet. It's about time, too! You were barely able to fit in there. There were only a few inches left between you and the sides, so dad and I painted your hand-me-down crib and set it up in a room all your own. The first night spent in your crib was business as usual with you waking up every hour. But the second night was horrible. You woke up every time I tried setting you down and would only sleep in my arms. I think we only slept four hours that night, maximum. Luckily that has been the worst of it.

You learned to sit up while we were at Grandma Nancee's house for Thanksgiving and now that's the only position you want to be in. You love being able to look around at everything and everybody. You are incredibly social and you have zero separation anxiety. If somebody wants to hold you, you go right to them without looking back.

You are still the happiest baby I've ever met. All it takes to make you smile is someone talking to you. Even when you're upset, you still try to smile and end up going back and forth between smiling and frowning in the sweetest show of emotion.

I take you out to see our dogs every day and you love to grab their noses and giggle while they lick your face. I'm glad that you aren't scared of them, especially Buddy. He's always been my favorite pup and I love that you can know him. Aunt Whitney lent us one of Reagan's bouncers and you love to stand in it by the back door and watch the dogs walk around, and see the windsock wave in the breezes. Outside is still your favorite place to be. Too bad it's been freezing cold recently. These days the back door is often as good as it gets.

The next best place to be, in your opinion, is in the middle of the kitchen while someone is making food. You love the high energy and activity of that setting and, of course, you love being the center of attention. I receive comments constantly about how adorable/happy/friendly you are. I love it! I love how much you love people.

Until recently, dad has been your favorite person, but now it's me! I love that, too. Finally some recognition for all of the hard work I do. Still, nobody is quite as good at getting you to laugh as dad is with all of his silly songs and crazy sounds.

We love you, little bear cub! We couldn't have asked for a better baby. 


  1. Awwwww that is sooooo sweet! You sure excel at finding the right words to paint the most accurate description of your experiences as a mommy. I love how complete your expressions are! I feel it deep in my soul and it touches my heart in a way that causes my eyes to leak. Dad and I love your blog! XOXO

  2. And the photos of that gorgeous boy are incredible! You've got skills!


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