Friday, January 6, 2017

Bananas, Blech!

Today Bruce tried solid [mashed up] food for the very first time! Actually, it's the second time. The first time was on his half-birthday, but he was sick that day and acting miserable, so I'm not counting it. 

The food of choice for today was bananas. He hated them! At least I think he hated them. He gagged multiple times and made a face with each spoonful I stuck in his mouth. Most of the time he wouldn't even let me put the spoon in his mouth; instead, he blew raspberries at me and looked away. 

I must admit I'm surprised at his reaction. I thought he would be more interested in food because he watches me intently while I'm eating and shoves everything he gets his little hands on into his mouth. 

But persistence is key! During his second banana session, he started opening his mouth every so often for bites. Granted, he still made a face like I was feeding him dog food (actually, he would probably like dog food) but he was accepting it! Hurray, Brucey! Hurray, mom!

In the end, he was still more interested in banging on his highchair (that his Papa used when he was a baby!) than anything else.

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