Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Like sleeping on a cloud...

Actually, it doesn't really affect the way we sleep, but it sure does effect how I feel when climbing into bed, and then again in the morning waking up in a field of flowers.

I have wanted a new bed set since Nathan and I got married. I registered for one that I thought I liked, it was gifted to us on our wedding day, but once I opened it up I just wasn't in love with it. So it sat in the corner of our bedroom, still in its packaging, until we finally got around to returning it, and since then I have scoured the aisles of Target and Bed Bath & Beyond many, many times without any luck, and I have scoured the vast internet, but always the ones I liked were ridiculously expensive (there is no way, at this point in my life, that I am going to spend hundreds of dollars on a bedspread and a couple pillowcases), therefore, alas, we have been sleeping with Nate's old blanket for the past fifteen months.

I was reaching the breaking point though. I needed something pretty to spice up our room and aid the turning of our tiny apartment into a home, and with my birthday coming up it seemed like the perfect timing to finally get the pretty bed I've always wanted, but, again, I couldn't justify spending that much money when there are more important things to be had, like food, perhaps.

That's when this beautiful duvet cover practically fell into my lap while I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one day. Somehow Bridget of Deer Circus knew exactly what I was looking for and I knew exactly when to look through Instagram for inspiration. There was not a minute to lose! That same night Nate and I trekked through IKEA and returned victoriously! A duvet cover, duvet, two matching pillowcases, a pretty accent pillow, and a fake burgundy daisy were our prizes.

I know this seems like a silly little blog post, but I love this new little bed of mine so much, it is silly. I'm glad that Nate doesn't mind the flowers.

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