Monday, August 18, 2014

beach waves

Every so often my hair does amazing things and reminds me of why I keep it around. This usually only happens once a month (if I am so lucky), but it usually gives me enough motivation to persevere through the headache and the frizziness that accompanies having thick, Chewbaccaesque, curly hair. Just as I'm beginning to go nuts, putting my hair in a bun every day, thinking I can't take anymore, that I'm just going to cut it off, I'll wake up one morning and BOOM it looks like this. All of the previous disgruntled thoughts go fluttering away and I'm completely in love once again.

This time my hair salvation came from the sea! While living close to the ocean I've discovered that salt water is the perfect cure for tangly hair. Now when it comes time to break out the old brush and attack the beast, I am now first going to go for a little swim in the waves, and it will be outstanding! 


  1. You have AMAZING hair, girlfriend. It is wild, and I love it. Also...kinda obsessed with your blog's name.

    1. Thank you! I'm rather fond of it, too. Are you a Star Wars fan? :]

  2. you have awesome hair - I love the volume! I have naturally curly hair too (wear it strait) but its SO fine it always goes flat on the top and puffs out on the bottom so I wear it up or strait. I'd kill for your texture and volume! but i totally understand how unpredictable curly hair is ;)


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