Friday, May 2, 2014

monthly captures || April 2014

April was a good month for this small branch of the Large family.  Nate picked up snorkeling,  we were able to visit both of our families and spend Easter with them.  Nathan and I have been married for ten months now (what?!)  and we've been living in Torrance for seven.  We both love it here.  We love being close to the ocean and only a short drive to the mountains. We went on a juice cleanse for seven days (there's a post on that coming up), and we realized just how much we both love food.  We decorated Sam's spot,  we started playing tennis, we went rock climbing again for the first time in almost a year,  we walked to the small airport, Zamperini Field near our house and Nate shared how much he would love to learn to fly.  If you happen to be reading a book called "Unbroken" about Louis Zamperini, whom the airport in named after,  do not read a plaque dedicated to Louis,  it's a complete spoiler.  

A lot went on in the past thirty days and it was such fun!  

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