Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year! || 2014

Wow, a new year! 2013 flew by for me!  In January Nate and I had our one year anniversary of dating, in February we got engaged, in May Nate graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a bachelor's degree in business marketing, in June we were married in the Los Angeles LDS temple and moved into his parents house after our honeymoon in Mammoth, CA.  Then in October Nate found a new job in Hawthorne, CA and we moved to Torrance!  I transferred to the Sport Chalet here, and things really haven't slowed down since.  With both of us working retail related jobs, the time between Thanksgiving and now has been busy almost to overwhelming with all of the holiday shopping and now holiday returns.  Thankfully it's starting to slow down a little, and last night Nate and I sat down a discussed how we would like this new year to go.

We both would like to live more purposefully, and spend more time out of the house, and less time talking about work and watching TV.  So we made a list of all the different activities we could think of to make our lives more interesting; just little things that we used to do all the time, like baseball or bowling, that we used to do all the time but haven't been able to after moving and getting lost in all of our new surroundings and situations.  It's interesting that so much can change in such a short period of time.  I feel like Nate and I are both very different people from who we were a year ago.  And we've grown so much even in the few weeks since Christmas!  I'm less timid about sharing when I'm upset, and because we've argued more we have also made up more and been reminded of why we love each other and why we're always going to stick it out even when it seems easier to just not.  Because it really wouldn't be.  Nate is my best friend now.  I think about my past and can't remember how I was before him.  I don't even want to try to imagine what my what my future would be like without him.  

Last year my New Year Resolutions were these:
  • Read Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
  • Draw something every day
  • Overcome my fear of rappelling
  • Marry Nate
  • Learn to cook well
Only one of those things was I able to accomplish(*wink*), but that's OK!  Because this is life and things happen that are outside of my control.  Nate and I are young and we're at a place in our marriage where we're not sure where the next year is going to take us.  Who knows how long he's going to stay with his current job, or even where this job might take him.  We've discussed the possibility if work continues to go well with him, of trying for a baby this year.  Then we really don't know what to expect!

So this year I put a little more thought into my resolutions and came up with a list that, even though some may seem a little vague, is really what I need to do for myself to get closer to that young woman, wife, and someday mother I want to be.
  • Get out of bed earlier
  • Write a little more & think about it a little less
  • Cook more dinners
  • Never turn down a new experience
  • Call my sister more often
  • Spend less time on the internet & more time reading
  • Take a few risks
I'd like to dedicate this year to spiritual, mental, and emotional growth.  I think it will be a great one for this Large family.  Cheers!


  1. Hey I've been catching up on some your posts I've missed and came across this one! I like all your resolutions, one especially in particular ;-) love u

    1. hahaha I still need to work on that one!


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