Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Monday! || a real-life lighthouse

It's that time of the week again. . .when the best part of the week is over and we go back to every day,  working lives.  Monday's aren't that bad for me since I work in retail and haven't had a real weekend since becoming full-time and having to work every Saturday.  But not this weekend!  This weekend I've requested to have Saturday off so Nate and I can head to the mountains to have some fun for his birthday this week!

What are your plans for this weekend?  What did you do over the past weekend?  Nate and I got up early on Sunday morning,  ate breakfast together,  and got everything ready for our primary lesson.  We were on track to being on time!  But when we pulled into the parking lot we were quite surprised to see that it was almost empty,  and to see a guy smoking by his car.  Investigator?  Maybe.  Well, our building was dark and empty, with locked doors, and the cigarette guy turned out to belong to the church across the street.  

After a little investigation,  we deduced that stake conference was going on,  and since neither of us had any idea of where our stake center is and there was only a half hour left, we took a scenic drive along the coast with that amazing sea air to Point Vicente Lighthouse.  For some reason I have always thought that lighthouses were things of the past, no longer necessary because we've come so far in technology that ships no longer needed them because they had things like headlights or something now.  I also thought that they only existed on the east coast.  California was too cool for lighthouses I guess?  So I plan on visiting all three of the lighthouses that are near us.

Unfortunately, this lighthouse is only open to the public once a month,  but we discovered that the point is also a popular spot for whale watchers!  I've never seen a whale before and we saw two!  It was pretty great.  Save the whales! ;]

I'm so grateful for my weekends with Nate.  Our time together is rarely boring! 

Here are a few links from around the web that might help you get through this loooong Monday. . .

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