Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pouring Rain.

This past Friday my family, the Lauricella's, and the Hart's all drove down to Glendale to see To Kill A Mockingbird being preformed in the Glendale Center Theatre. I love this theatre. It's a theater in "the round", which means that it's a center stage surrounded by seats on all sides. What I wouldn't give for a chance to perform on that stage! It would be such an adventure! And a great expirience to adjust to performing while having your back facing at least one side of the audience. It would definetly be something to get used to...
So on the drive was pouring rain so hard! Buckets and buckets! A word to the wise: Never drive in extreme weather with southern Californians. They do not know how to drive in anything but extreme heat! It was somewhat scary. The best part though was that if you looked into the rain while driving it sorta looked like we were driving in light-speed. :D
As for the play,
It was excellent! I have trained myself over the years not to judge a movie (or a play) by it's book. Cause there is no way one would ever be able to get all the things from a book into a movie without it being 4 hours long at least so what's the point in even comparing?
One thing I didn't like about the play: Atticus. Atticus is a major reason why the book is so great; he's such an amazing character. He's like the Christ-figure. He's always patient, always calm, he did the right thing even though it was hard and he knew he would be mocked and his children would be mocked. He was an idol, as seen through the eyes of his children. But in this version of the play they humanized him too much. He got angry, he lost his temper, he raised his voice and even lost control. They took the idol out of the book and turned him into a man. A man we can all still look up to, but still a man. I prefered him as a Christ-figure.
I think Gregory Peck protrayed him perfectly! But that's kinda a high bar to set... How can anyone one up Gregory Peck?? I'm pretty sure it's not possible.
Another thing. I loved that Atticus read to Scout. He didn't read to Scout in the play...

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