Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Whacky.

Alrighty so I didn't watch the Oscars...BUT! I have a few thoughts on the results.
The King's Speech winning: OK, I haven't actually seen it but Black Swan so should have won! Judging from everything I've heard on it, it is insane! And Natalie Portman did a wicked performance. (So I'm so happy she won Best Actress in a Leading Role :]] I <3 her.) Anyway. I'm not really in any postition to judge since I've seen neither of those movies. I just really wish Black Swan wasn't rated R...
Best Original Screenplay: The King's Speech. How is that? It's not an original screenplay. It's a historic event. No originality about it.
Best Animated Feature: should have gone to How To Train Your Dragon! Not Toy Story 3 :P And I am a huge Toy Story fan! But, as much as I love Toy Story, How To Train Your Dragon was a much more creative and engaging story that Toy Story 3. TS3 was a let-down, in my opinion :\
Art Direction: Alice in Wonderland.No way! Because Tim Burton's film is the same oversaturated nonsense he's been making for a decade. Alice in Wonderland was little more than a rehash of a familiar form with massive oversaturation of color and a complete lack of originality. I think I'm just bias against Tim Burton, maybe. I really can't stand his stuff! And Alice in Wonderland was just whacky.

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