Saturday, July 3, 2010

It was kinda ridiculous.

Happy Day-Before-We-Declared-Our-Independence-Day!! :D

+This morning we went to the 4th of July parade -- it was so fun! We sat with the Harris' up towards the beginning of the parade route. I've decided that I love small town parades! I saw a lot of people that I knew in the parade, and being able to interact with those in the parade was way fun. The Harris' brought water guns and water balloons and every time a float would go by where the people on it had water guns and big war would break out. And the people sitting across the street from us brought loads of water balloons and guns, too! So between the both of us, the people on the float didn't even know what hit them! We'd get them from our side and they'd start spraying us, thinking they were covered, when all of the sudden they became under attack from the other side! Needless to say, they were quite soaked by the time they passed through us :D
When the parade was over Dallas Harris crossed the street and started spraying those guys on the other side, getting soaked in less than a minute by all of them. Soon he was joined by Timmy and another friend. Then, needed to help out their boys, Daddy and Brother Harris grabbed the bucket we'd been using to fill up our guns, but were met about half-way across the street by "the others" toting their own water jug! It was fun to watch them battle it out, watching them try to soak the other without getting soaked themselves.

+I love my family and I love this ward. They're like my extended family. I've known most of the people here my whole life, but it's always fun to get a new family every once in a while! Like we have been lately! We've had 3 new families move in in just the past month. It's wild.
The kids in this ward are the best. I love doing things with them. Yesterday I went and saw The Last Airbender with Billy, Derek and, Miguel. I swear, these are some of the nerdiest kids I know! We spent most of the car ride over talking about the Airbender TV show and about which thing happens in which episode and season and such. And though I love those few Airbender shows that I've seen, it was kinda ridiculous hearing them talk about it so passionately.

+Every Wednesday night is movie night at the park and this past Wednesday I went over with Cody after mutual in his snazzy new T-bird! His car is so bomb! I love it to death.. xD I left my sunglasses in it though, and that is NOT GOOD. But anyways...the park was soo fun! I loved hanging out with Cody, Kim and, Emily. We told random stories of random crazy things we did as kids, and Cody is awesome at giving attitude. He does the whole finger-snap, head-bob thing better than he should be able to! Being the jock that he is..haha. Oh! And I found out a little tidbit about Kim that I never would have guessed in a billion years!

+Well I feel like I'm rambling a bit now. So I will end this and continue again tomorrow hopefully. Bu, if I don't...HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!! xoxo

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